Europe forecast - October 04, 2023
Most dry & fine
Mixed north

Issued: 0530hrs Wednesday 4th October 2023
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

High pressure keeps much of Europe dry and warm

Cloudier conditions over southern Spain and Portugal, with fairer weather to the north. France, Italy and Greece will be dry with plenty of sunshine and warm conditions.
Switzerland, Austria and Germany will be cloudier with some drizzle, and heavier prolonged showers to the north of Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.
Poland will remain sunny with windier conditions to the north. Rain over Ukraine and Belarus, followed by some showers and drizzle throughout the day, with heavier rain across the Baltic States.
Windy over Finland, with some showers and drizzle, alongside cloudy conditions, particularly in the north. Fairer conditions in Sweden with some sunny spells. Very light drizzle and cloudy skies over the north-western coast of Norway. Brighter skies and sunnier spells further to the south of the country.

Dry, sunny and warm through the Mediterranean with temperatures staying above the average here, though the odd isolated shower is possible through the Balkan States.
High pressure sits over France, Switzerland and southern Germany seeing a possible misty start but a dry and fine day ahead. Cloudier skies through northeast Holland and north Germany with patchy rain for a time here. Some rain through north and central Poland. Dry and fine across Switzerland, Hungary and Czechia.
Some possible patchy rain in Denmark first thing but the weather improves here. Much of the initial rain clearing the Baltic States. Largely dry across
Sweden and Finland though rather breezy. A cold northerly wind across much of Norway pulling in frequent showers. Drier further south here.

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